Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sophie drives the Morgan

Some weeks ago my eldest daughter said that she would love to drive the Morgan, so when I heard that they were visiting for the Half Term break I got in touch with Gott and Wynne, my Insurers, and arranged for short term additional driver cover.
At the wheel and raring to go!
Thankfully the weather was good and my driver was clearly very excited at the prospect of her first drive.
Fleetwood, with the North Euston Hotel and leading lighthouse in the background.
We drove to Fleetwood keeping well within all speed limits, I think 55mph was the maximum we achieved and no matter how hard I tried I could not encourage her to take it to 60!!!!
Could this be the 'Morgan Grin'?
When we arrived home, after a drive that she clearly enjoyed immensely, Max her eldest son said that he would like a drive so in went the child seat and off they went for a quick spin.
Sophie's final words when they got back were....I WANT ONE!!!!!!
Arriving home with Max on board.

...and I think that he enjoyed the drive as well!

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