Sunday, 20 May 2012 a red rag to a bull.

This is a contribution to my blog from my friend Dennis Duggan.  I know that it will be of interest to all Morgan enthusiasts. 

To a certain type of person, the sight of a Morgan ahead of them is like a red rag to a bull.  They seem determined to demonstrate that their car (however humble) is the faster so overtake at the earliest opportunity.I am more than happy to help them get past, it is no fun having someone glued to one's rear bumper.

But sometimes, in the right mood and circumstances, on a suitable stretch of road, it is possible to have a harmless interesting 'dice' with a fellow motorist.  Two recent occasions spring to mind.

A couple of weeks ago we were travelling along the A49 between Craven Arms and Ludlow.  As we approached the roundabout where we turned left to Cleobury Mortimer I spied something interesting behind us.  It was an all-black Aston Martin, low and menacing.  I was reminded of a scene from Bullitt. 

Two hoodlums in a Dodge Charger had been following Lt Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) through San Francisco but he shook them off.  At a T junction the bad guys stop and wonder which way to go.  Then we see the rear-view mirror through the driver's eyes, and Bullitt's Ford Mustang slowly appears over the brow of the hill, looking very mean.
Dennis in action
Anyway, the Aston also turned off and followed us at a respectful distance.  I could not resist pressing on a little, and the distance was maintained.  Fear not, with my wife Stephanie in the passenger seat there was no question of anything too exciting happening!

Whatever speed I did, the Aston did the same.  Then, on a straight bit of road there was a sound I can best describe as a piece of calico being ripped and the Aston flashed by as if we were standing still.  He slowed down again after pulling back in, and I gave him a friendly flash of the lights as he drew away from us.  I did not see if the driver acknowledged the flash, as the car was fitted with privacy glass.

Once a week I travel from Welshpool to Llanfyllin (Chlan vutlin)  and back.  It is a nice run, 11 miles each way, on quiet roads with some interesting bends and a couple of steep hills.  Sometimes there is a friendly 'dice' with another driver as happened last week.  Leaving Llanfyllin there is quite a long stretch with an apparently pointless 40mph limit, hence it is widely ignored.  But I always try to stay within a speed limit, so do not exceed 40.

Sometimes a car comes up close behind, and I know the driver is thinking, 'Silly old fart, what's the matter with him, why doesn't he get a move on.'  In which case, as we approach the derestriction sign, I drop her into third and floor the throttle so we take off like the proverbial scalded cat up to 60mph.  That usually catches the following driver by surprise, which I find mildly amusing.

Last week I spotted a Mondeo in the mirror, he was not pressuring me but I had a feeling there might be some fun in prospect.  The usual plan worked a treat, but he soon caught me up and followed at a safe distance.  Up the hill into Blwch Y Cibau (Bulsh Uh Kibby) and obey the 30mph sign through the village.  At the derestriction sign there is a series of sharp bends, which I always take carefully as you never know what might be just out of sight.  A tractor, push bike, broken-down car etc.

Turn right very briskly at the tee junction, with the Mondeo following, then I put my foot down to enter the lovely sweeping right-hand bend onto a straight.  But a left turn is not far off, so soon easing off, the Mondeo still there.  The left turn takes you onto an arrow-straight stretch of road for approx 3/4 mile, when it narrows over a bridge followed by another lovely right-hand bend and another straight.

But by now I had tired of the game and proceeded at a sedate pace along the straight, assuming the Mondeo would whizz by.  But he didn't, and I just knew he was waiting for me to put my foot down again - but this time he would be ready!!  So I gave one click of the n/s indicator and the driver took the hint and went by. 

Just a bit of harmless fun, no danger, or ill-will on either side.

Dennis J Duggan
MSCC 14197

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