Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Under an English heaven!....

....and when the weather is good you can't beat it.

The open road.
So it was, that we set off to one of our early season picnic spots, in the Duke of Westminster's garden, the Forest of Bowland.
Down the bonnet and far away!
Remarkably quiet, although we did set off quite early having had to drop the Volvo off at a Body Shop to be repaired after the corner of a brick wall hit it some days ago!!!
She's looking gorgeous...and the wife's not bad either!!
Driving conditions were great;  the sun beating down, the occasional sound of a curlew or a lapwing and when we sat down for our picnic the constant sound of sheep and new born lambs to keep us company.
A lovely place.
Very enjoyable, with a favourite pork pie and a small beer to wash it down. Roll on the next time!