Sunday, 18 December 2016

What a beauty!

7 sleeps to go and I decided to give 'Nellie' a spin...and what a drive it was!

Extremely cold but quite a bright day and above everything else dry roads, so with heater blasting out and without my speed restrainer sitting beside me I set off.

Foot to the floor and the exhaust bellowing I vanished down the road to the first traffic lights, where I was accosted by a former customer and her daughter who were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Morgan and surprised when I lifted my 'flip-up' sunglasses beneath my beanie hat and discovered that it was their former village newsagent driving the car.

Blimey, the car went well, a very civilised version of the Morgan is the 4/4, eminently manoeuvrable and with sufficient 'poke' (I think that is the term) to satisfy most people, no Ferrari certainly, but who the hell wants a Ferrari anyway!

Not today....but thoughts of Spring!......
It was also an occasion, as I powered my way down the road, which was surprisingly quiet considering the time of the year, to ruminate about 2016, an 'annus horribilis' for my wife and I, including as it did for me, seven weeks in Manchester Royal Infirmary and stays in both Norwich and Exeter hospitals. Two cancelled continental holidays and one cut short.

But it wasn't just that. We now face Brexit, something I didn't vote for, although I am beginning to feel more settled about it, especially since our so called friends in Brussels are behaving like spoilt children and treating us badly. I just wish that the government would get on with it.

Not just that either. Car makers, including those at the luxury end of the market, are still producing extremely ugly cars which the populace are voraciously consuming. It seems that every week another SUV (SERIOUSLY UGLY VEHICLE) comes off the production line with each manufacturer proclaiming how desirable and unique they are, when in fact they all look just the same! Barmy!

Other things have niggled me, such as the fact that it seems de rigeur for most people, including BBC interviewers to begin their response to every question with the word 'so'. Really, really annoying, and I was amazed to hear that it is not confined to this country but seemingly every country that uses English is also doing it!!!!! It's like a disease but who started it I don't know.

....and all the wonderful experiences we've had in 'Nellie'
And another two things, relating to the language. Have you noticed how many people don't sound their 't's'? Ironically a very good example of this is the Shadow Education Minister of all people, and many of her colleagues!! God help us!
The other is the pronunciation of the word sixth, now it seems very often pronounced 'sicth' by many supposedly highly intelligent people.

There are other things, but I can't remember them due to my advancing years. Just a very grumpy old man I suppose!

Meanwhile, on the road home I am holding back, just like the F1 drivers do during practice sessions, to allow themselves space to get their clogs down. Then, oh boy, the sheer exhilaration of the Morgan at high speed, what a shame there are speed limits to hold me back.

All is well with my world now!


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