Sunday, 4 December 2016

A sunny winters day!

What a glorious day, very cold with a frost on the ground, but a wonderful opportunity for a spin in the Mog.

The alternative was a couple of hours power washing the York stone backyard....the Morgan won hands down!
Lytham St Annes with the windmill in the distance.
So, off to Lytham St. Annes we went for my lovely wife to continue some Christmas shopping.

Across the Ribble estuary with Southport on the skyline.
I'm afraid I must have been an even grumpier old man than usual, criticising everything from the appalling size of many of the people we spotted, to complaining vigorously about the fact that we dish out millions of pounds in foreign aid (even to India who no longer need it) and we cannot afford pots of white paint to repaint white lines on the roads and particularly mini roundabouts that prove difficult to see in untreated concrete, especially in the low winter sun.
Down the prom,prom,prom with the 'Big One' in the distance.
I'm quite conviced that the government will not be satisfied until the standard of our roads matches third world standards. I kid you not when I say we have experienced better road surfaces than ours in East Africa!
Hundreds of Santas taking part in the Santa Dash in aid of the local Hospice.

And one that got away!!!!!
Wonderful letter in the Daily Telegraph this Saturday in response to the announcement that speed bumps were possibly going to be removed to improve car emissions......"Who needs speed bumps anyway, when we have so many potholes!"
Blackpool Tower basking in winter sun.
Enough of this, we had a great drive and our pictures as usual tell the story.

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