Sunday, 27 November 2016

Up the creeks again!

It was late morning when I thought, sod it, let's get out for a quick spin.
The day was a little warmer than it had been for the previous couple of days, a wintery sun was shining, so some serious top-down motoring was in prospect.
Wardleys Creek

The roads were fairly dry during our little pootle, a relief because I do not like driving through 'unpleasantnesses', a term I use for anything that will dirty the car and demand additional cleaning.

The drive took us once again to local creeks off the River Wyre, which are situated just a few miles from home.
Just testing the telephoto lens.
As well as giving the Morgan a good run, so important during the winter lay up, it offered the opportunity to test a new aquisition, a rather lovely little Sony camera, ideal for travelling, that would make a change from my lumpy Canon SLR.
Skippool Creek

We thoroughly enjoyed our drive and I live in hope that one day soon my lovely wife will take the wheel of the Mog for the first time! How can she resist driving this little beauty!

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