Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No bread in the larder..... the need to drop my wife off for a hair appointment, provided an opportunity to wheel the Morgan out of the garage, on what was a classic, sunny Autumn day.
With the bread purchased and my wife deposited at the hairdresser, I pointed the car towards the sea and spent a very pleasant hour at Cleveleys, which lies between Blackpool in the south and Fleetwood to the north.
Lined up with all the 'Euro Blobs'!
The car is definitely motoring a lot better since the king-pins were replaced and the rear leaf springs were greased.
South, towards Blackpool.

North, across Morecambe Bay with 'Black Combe' above Barrow on the horizon. In the foreground is what I assume is a sculpture!
As we approach winter in the UK I just hope that we get many more days like this. I live in hope anyway!

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  1. Another Reminder of my Coastal Trip. Thanks for sharing Graham. Best Wishes