Sunday, 27 November 2016

Up the creeks again!

It was late morning when I thought, sod it, let's get out for a quick spin.
The day was a little warmer than it had been for the previous couple of days, a wintery sun was shining, so some serious top-down motoring was in prospect.
Wardleys Creek

The roads were fairly dry during our little pootle, a relief because I do not like driving through 'unpleasantnesses', a term I use for anything that will dirty the car and demand additional cleaning.

The drive took us once again to local creeks off the River Wyre, which are situated just a few miles from home.
Just testing the telephoto lens.
As well as giving the Morgan a good run, so important during the winter lay up, it offered the opportunity to test a new aquisition, a rather lovely little Sony camera, ideal for travelling, that would make a change from my lumpy Canon SLR.
Skippool Creek

We thoroughly enjoyed our drive and I live in hope that one day soon my lovely wife will take the wheel of the Mog for the first time! How can she resist driving this little beauty!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Half-Term break with the family.

On the day following our 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration, we set off to Morland Hall in the village of Morland, about 9 miles south east of Penrith in Cumbria, with our two daughters and their families.
Our part of Morland Hall
We had rented a portion of this lovely building for three nights, to provide a base for enjoying what the English Lake District has to offer.
The view from our dining room and lounge.
The Hall is set in wonderful grounds which allowed our grandchildren the opportunity to forage for 'conkers' and acorns.
The first day was magical, total blue sky, a sharpness in the air and a clarity that enabled us to see every nook and cranny etched into the rock faces on the mountains, as we headed west to Keswick and Derwentwater.
Half the party in their boat, with 'Cat Bells' on the right.
Wonderful Autumn colours
My idea had always been to rent a couple of rowing boats and land on the island that had been used in the latest production of 'Swallows and Amazons'. However, due to the distance of St Hubert's island from the landing stages where we were to rent our boats, it proved unrealistic to travel in rowing boats so we hired two motor boats instead.
Opportunity for grandchildren to steer!
 What an hour we had! The lake was flat calm with an early mist rising from the water and the views were truly glorious.
It was followed by a visit to Keswick centre to stock up on provisions, a picnic and finally a drive back to Morland.
Crossing the ford in Morland

Doing what children do!
The next day dawned cloudy, but fortunately with no rain, as we drove to the landing stage at Pooley Bridge to catch the steamer across Ullswater to Glenridding.
Towards Howtown, our first stop on the trip across Ullswater.

Approaching Howtown.
Both Pooley Bridge and Glenridding had been hit very badly by the appalling floods that occurred some months ago. Pooley Bridge lost its beautiful, original, very old stone bridge, now replaced by a modern, less beautiful erection which at least allows the commercial interests in the village to be continued successfully. Glenridding is now undergoing major strengthening of river banks and of course the rebuilding of houses and hotels devastated by the floods.
'Lady of the Lake', our ship for the return journey.
Everyone dressed for the weather which was a little chilly

The 'Commander' captured by my granddaughter.
We travelled on the 'Western Belle', built in 1934 and the 'Lady of the Lake', built in 1877 and believed to be the oldest working ferry boat in the world.

The pictures tell the story of what was a thoroughly enjoyable few days with our lovely family.

No bread in the larder..... the need to drop my wife off for a hair appointment, provided an opportunity to wheel the Morgan out of the garage, on what was a classic, sunny Autumn day.
With the bread purchased and my wife deposited at the hairdresser, I pointed the car towards the sea and spent a very pleasant hour at Cleveleys, which lies between Blackpool in the south and Fleetwood to the north.
Lined up with all the 'Euro Blobs'!
The car is definitely motoring a lot better since the king-pins were replaced and the rear leaf springs were greased.
South, towards Blackpool.

North, across Morecambe Bay with 'Black Combe' above Barrow on the horizon. In the foreground is what I assume is a sculpture!
As we approach winter in the UK I just hope that we get many more days like this. I live in hope anyway!