Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What dedication!!

You know how you have niggling things in the back of your mind.....well it was a bit like that for me, promising myself for weeks, even during various hospital confinements, to remove the wheels from the 4/4 to clean them.
Rain and signs of Autumn

Almost needless to say, the weather was wet on the day I chose to do the work but I was determined, regardless of any distraction to do the job.
Before and......
In any case it was something of a physical test for me and I am delighted to say that the old wracked body managed remarkably well, albeit slowly and with extreme care.

I must say that I cursed Life's, the dealers in Southport, when I tried to remove the front wheels that had been taken off and aligned during king-pin replacement and had been re-fitted extremely tightly. Eventually after a lot of hammering I got them off!
It took me around three hours which I didn't think was too long.....although it hardly matches Red Bull Racing's wheel changing achievements during Grand Prix pit stops!!!!


  1. Good work Chris. They did not seem to be so dirty even before clearing. I use Meguiars wheel stuff and use an old dishbrush which make The Wheels like New. After winter treatment I use some stuff which I spray found The rim, a sort of wax I think and just dry it off with a fiber cloth. So far our Mog is still active until The 31:st of october. Hope there Will be at least one Sunne day before that date, even IF today is 50 shades of gray and a little rain. Keep up Chris!

  2. Chris, good to hear you are supple enough to get down to the nitty gritty dirty four wheel bits of your British Racing Green Morgan Machine.
    I find myself still very back sore in the ribs department, after my Volvo V70 was written off by an elderly lady driving round a corner on the wrong side last week, just 1/2 mile from where I live. A frightening experience I can tell you. I had only greased the k.pins on my 4/4 the day before but have not yet managed to straighten up enough to get in it !