Wednesday, 10 February 2016

At last....the sun!!

What a delight to be out in the Morgan with barely a cloud in sight, life confirming to say the least, after the miseries of the past few weeks due to illness and the appalling weather.

Some days ago I repainted the exhaust manifold with very high temperature paint. It didn't look too bad, the original coat of paint having lasted probably four years, but it was beginning to look rather scruffy...........
The finished job...half an hour well spent I think!

Anyway, today we set off to visit Helen's sister in that grand little Victorian resort of Knott End on Sea, only about 10 miles away, but the 20 mile round trip ideal for getting the 4/4 thoroughly warmed.
At the top of the slipway with Fleetwood lighthouse and the North Euston Hotel clearly visible.
There was a distinct chill in the air, so the heater was on full blast ensuring that we had a lovely drive and whetting our appetites for many more longer drives in 2016.
Across Morecambe Bay with the snow covered Lakeland mountains and the Heysham to Larne ferry outward bound.
The slipway
In my first job, with what was then District Bank, I used to catch the ferry from Fleetwood to Knott End, in all weathers, in order to work in either Knott End or Stalmine sub-branches. At the end of business, the process was reversed, requiring firstly a 15 minute walk followed by a long trek down that slipway, especially grim at low tide, when there was a strong north westerly carrying with it, rain, hail or snow!!!!

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  1. Lycka you Chris. Look forward to this myself, but not before March as Mr Brum is not taxen an is uninsured at The moment.