Thursday, 24 September 2015

Holiday in Pollenca

Just returned from twelve glorious days in Pollenca, Mallorca.

We've been visiting the area quite frequently since 1987 and thoroughly enjoy it. Knowing the area well, there is no dramatic urge to visit well known sites and places as there normally is when one visits a new location, so it is immediately a restful experience....just like home really!

The villa we stayed in is situated in the foothills of the Tramuntana range of mountains and just a 30 minute walk from the Placa Major in Pollenca.
Our holiday home.

The view 

The view from the front of the villa was gorgeous with the Calvari in the foreground and Puig de Maria behind. From Pollenca, it is a challenge for most visitors to climb the 365 steps of the Calvari to the little church at the top. On this occasion, having previously done it, we gave it a miss and sat in the sunshine drinking a beer.

There is a Monastery at the top of Puig (pronounced 'pooch') de Maria.  I have climbed up to the monastery a couple of times but now regard myself as past it, at least as far as climbing goes.
The 365 steps of the Calvari in the background.
The Roman Bridge
The villa at night
Port de Pollenca
Port de Pollenca from the 'Pine Walk'
The Sunday market in Pollenca
Imagine our surprise/shock when we received a 'face time' call on our Ipad from our eldest daughter, who, giggling, said that she was outside our front gate! She had decided that she needed a bit of 'me' time and had decided to leave her two little boys in the care of her husband to fly out and surprise us.
What a delightful surprise, it made our holiday.
The unexpected arrival!
Port de Soller
What a super time we had and now we are back with the prospect of an English winter looming.....ah well there's always next year!


  1. Magnifico ! A lovely place with three lovely people !

  2. And a lovely 'mini break' it was too!