Monday, 3 August 2015

Solitary Morgan!

It is not surprising that we British are preoccupied with the weather as you can rarely set off  anywhere with the confidence that it is going to be a beautiful day...all day!

Yesterday was a good example of this feature of life in the UK. The day dawned cloudy and rainy as most days have done this 'summer', a term I use reservedly, and then brightened towards the end of the morning, filling me with hope that we would be able to drive to the Lytham St. Annes Classic Car Show on dry roads, and hopefully enjoy a hint of sunshine.

As our time was limited I didn't arrange to display the Morgan, which would have meant us staying on site until the end of the event at 4pm. So having parked with the  visitors we had a leisurely walk along the main drive to Lytham Hall in whose grounds the event took place.
It was obvious as we approached that the gathering was very well attended by a number of car clubs as well as individual owners.
Just the one!!
Needless to say we were searching for any Morgans and finally spotted the sole representative of the marque, a bright red 1990 Plus 8, 3.9litre.
The owner, a local chap who lives a couple of miles from us, had only recently purchased the car from a lady inWilmslow whose husband had sadly died. He is delighted with the car and odviously looks forward to many years enjoyment with it.
As he moved off to join the parade of sports cars it sounded fabulous and made our 4/4 seem rather tame. I must say that it made me sorely tempted to trade in ours for a Plus 8!!!
 We left some two hours before the end of the show, just as more storm clouds were gathering and spots of rain were beginning to fall. Fortunately, they remained drops during our fast drive home,
with the top down, but we only just made it back to our garages in time, before the heavens opened and the rain sheeted down.
Oh, the glorious English summer!

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  1. Better weather in Mallorca ! But England's greener !