Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lakeland Trip

The weather forecast was sensational, Lancashire basking in sun all day and temperatures up to 29C.

What does a Morgan chap do on a day like this? He gets the top and sidescreens off and goes for a spin, that's what!
Garstang High Street

We had some business to do at our new bank in the delightful market town of Garstang and another visit had to be made to the National Trust property of Sizergh Castle to pick up another official parking pass for the Morgan.
Parked at Sizergh Castle
Both these calls were on the route to the Lake District so it was a 'no brainer', a picnic in the Lakes!

I was delighted, because I must admit that I love to have a specific target in mind when driving the Mog, rather than just driving around aimlessly.
'The Mason's Arms', where, just a week earlier, we had enjoyed a wonderful meal with two of our very best friends.
The route I chose was via the Lyth Valley, famed for its damsons in season, then a tiny road, just wide enough for the Morgan, towards Bowland Bridge. Slower than the main roads but utterly delightful, scenically beautiful and we hardly met another car.
Beautiful South Lakeland scenery.
The morning was glorious until we approached Windermere at around noon, when the cloud started to appear, not just over Cumbria, for looking south it was obvious that the Fylde coast of Lancashire was also cowering under leaden skies.
Above Windermere with Gummers How on the right and the Langdale Pikes in the extreme distance
It was very warm though, at least the Met Office got that bit of their forecast correct, but it is so much nicer in the sun....ah well, such is life!
Overlooking Lakeside and the southern end of Windermere, a lake that was the scene of many of my yachting escapades.
As is our wont, we drove around trying to find the ideal picnic spot ie. no people, peace and quiet, a fabulous view and level ground on which to have our picnic. We failed miserably and ended up behind a wall, marking the boundary of High Newton Reservoir in the Southern Lakes with a view that was quite ordinary by Lakeland standards.
Your hero!!!!
But at least it was peaceful and we read the morning paper, ate our delicious chicken goujons and egg butties, washed down by a glass of Chilean Merlot.

Homeward bound we saw a band of blue sky directly above our home and as I put the Morgan back into it's garage the garden was bathed in sunshine and I was 'sweating buckets'.

The moral of this story is, don't place too much emphasis on the weather forecast!


  1. Lovely Lake District ! Oh to be in the Lake District now that Summer's here !

  2. Lovely Lake District ! Oh to be in the Lake District now that Summer's here !