Wednesday, 29 July 2015


That's precisely how I feel, after once again tackling the greasing of the sliding axles and also cleaning each stainless wheel.
Front wheels off and ready for cleaning.
Every time I finish this particular task, I promise myself that I will just drive the Morgan up the road to my friendly local garage and get them to squirt some grease into the aforesaid nipples and I will cross their palms with silver.
Greasing awaits, yippee!!
The only thing that always holds me back is the thought that the backs of the wheels will be dirty and really need cleaning.
I suppose the chaps could take the wheels off and do that job at the same time and I will consider this again in another 1000 miles.
....and after.
Incidentally, I really must be a succour for punishment, because I noticed, as I drove the car out of the garage, that it has only done 700+ miles this year so greasing could have waited for another 300 miles. Ah well, better safe than sorry!!!

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  1. 'Il faut souffrir pour être belle !' (Proverbe français)