Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cheeky chap!!!

In recent correspondence, my learned friend who enjoyed his recent drive in a 4/4 at the factory and who was the subject of my prevoius post, questioned my long-held opinion that a spare wheel should be supplied on all Morgans instead of the silly puncture repair kit that is provided and which necessitates the costly replacement of the punctured tyre.
The paragraph in his letter that referred to this matter is as follows:-

  "......I would like to see an update on your bizarre idea that Morgans should have a full spare wheel. To wit: exactly how many punctures have you had in all your years of ownership? And how many Morgan owners, not known to be life's spring chickens, could actually change the wheel? Might it not be better to use the spare wheel space to store something useful? A defibrilator?"

On the basis that there is perhaps some truth in his comments, I do not intend to respond....cheeky devil!!!

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  1. Your learned friend seems a little rancid in his writings generally, and I would suggest manners maketh man of which he is not very learned !
    I agree that a spare wheel is an indispensable item and I would never venture far without one.
    I think that Morgan M.C. spotted a way to cut costs here.
    If it is absent a tyre sealant becomes essential IMHO.
    Used on my earlier motorcycles it proved its worth on more than one occasion.