Friday, 6 March 2015

What a joy.....

.... to be able to watch a decent, interesting and adult motoring programme.

I am referring to the new series on Channel 5, 'The Classic Car Show' with Quentin Willson and Jodie Kidd.

What a difference from 'Top Gear', a programme that I avoid like the plague, not wishing to watch the antics and tomfoolery of the three puerile presenters, being oggled at by their adoring fans, prattling on about cars that all but a tiny minority will be able to afford and denigrating those vehicles that ordinary mortals can afford.

'Top Gear' is, in my opinion, a programme that has done much to fuel the appalling driving standards on our roads, with its emphasis on speed, aggression and cynicism.

'The Classic Car Show' is obviously geared towards lovers of classic cars and judging by the first programme yesterday will keep me thoroughly engrossed; a very civilised programme.

With my keen interest in classic cars it will certainly satisfy me, although I think that it is worth mentioning the glaring gap that seems to exist in the market for a sensible motoring programme about ordinary, everyday cars, comparing and assessing their design, practical features and technical performance etc.


  1. +1... I shall keep a look out for the new show

  2. +1... I shall keep a look out for the new show