Friday, 5 September 2014

I have survived!

As you all know, I am quite a shy, retiring sort of chap and tend to keep a low profile as far as the blog is concerned, unless I have something truly interesting to write about.

However, I have been driven to pen this little item following an urgent call from one of my Morgan chums, who was actually quite worried about me, because I had not informed him about the success or failure of my recent operation, convened in order to return a part of my innards back to its original position, it having decided to force itself into an area of my body where it had no right to be! I was quite touched by his concern and realised that it might be mirrored by my worldwide readership.....who am I trying to kid?!!!

Additionally, I was also inspired to put finger to keypad by another Morgan chum, who writes a highly recommended, excellent blog  www:// who has also been hit by a problem in his nether regions, but in a different locality to mine. He, quite properly and thoughtfully,  felt that he should let all his readers know that he had survived by informing them on his blog.

Both of them have shamed me into doing the right thing and I am now  letting everyone know that I am recovering well from the op., but it will be another couple of weeks before I can inflict the tender area of my lower body, to the cruel, unyielding confines of the Morgan cockpit!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Chris,
    I missed the news that you were about to be subjected to, but am please to hear that all is going well. At least you have a very good reason for no Mog News, unlike myself who's only recent trips are to MWS to have a succession of Back Wheel Tyre jobs done..
    Best Wishes