Thursday, 24 July 2014

At last!!....

....a respected motoring journalist whose ideas about modern car design concur with my own.

John Simister reviewed the new BMW M235i in 'Octane' magazine, entitling the piece 'Better than it looks', the first paragraph was as follows:-

"Something has gone wrong with modern car design. There are three areas of concern. One, sheet metal is forced into shapes unbecoming of the medium. Two, there is too much fussy detailing and weird, over-ornate angling of visual components. Three, the resulting mish-mash  of slashes, bulges and distortions is neither memorable nor beautiful. That's the tragedy. Beauty has been banished, replaced by a sort of disposable brutality."

Perhaps a good example of this would be the Nissan 'Puke'....sorry 'Juke', and there are so many others, SUV's and 'Chelsea Taxis' possibly being the most notable.


  1. That's three "no's" for the Nissan and the BMW

  2. What great photos - magnifique !!!!!!!!!!!! Et avec LE SOLEIL !!!!