Monday, 9 June 2014

Death in the drive....

.......and also in the pond!

You may remember the efforts I made to frighten cats away from my garden. Well, I think that it may be categorically stated that they have failed miserably!

The proof being that on two occasions over the last few weeks, since erecting my 'scarers', I have opened the rear door of the garage that leads to the Morgan's home and there on the drive were the bloody remains of a fat Wood Pigeon and the more dainty body of a mangled Collared Dove.

Not only that, but I have also found partially eaten chicken bones, not that we keep chickens, we don't. but something must have been given or purloined these things to munch on and I suspect my feline friends are the culprits.
Remember this fearsome fellow?
More worryingly, as I was cleaning the wheels on the Morgan and greasing the front suspension, a job that I did say recently that I would leave to the professionals to save my poor wracked body from more contortional damage, I checked the fish!
To think that we do this for fun!
Had they been knobbled by a large avian with a long pointed beak or were they merely resting amongst the weed growth? Anyway, I went to the pond to check on the situation today and saw, to my horror, just one fish that was clearly on its 'uppers' and breathing its last breaths. It was removed from the pond and to save any further suffering, because that's the sort of chap I am, despatched it with a brick!

Clearly, cats and Herons are unmoved by my artistic creations and continue with their devilish activities.

Sod the World Cup and all other distractions, where are my fish and what am I to do about those wretched cats?

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  1. Love the Blog.
    We had similar problem with Cats and Fish Pond. Solution - a dog that chases everything that moves.. Problem with the Dog is that our lifestyle has reduced to dog walk and the Mog is rarely used for outings with SWMBO.
    Fish - We have spent a fortune on fish which all disappeared over time except for Jaws (the giant) who was the only surviving new born and his new friend who hides all of the time. Fish Gut Wires, Nets and Model Herons do not deter the beast who just lands on the net and stands on it in the water. But Jawas has still managed to elude it over the years.
    Greasing - I fitted the set of Remote Greasing kit purchased from the Nipple Shop before doing my round the coast trip and it is perfect. Lift Bonnet - Grease - -Check under with torch & tissue to wipe any visible Old Grease - .