Friday, 6 June 2014

Another Picnic in the Fells.

The Bleasdale Fells to be precise and a drive to the Trough of Bowland, mostly owned by the Duke of Westminster, who kindly allows peasants like us to visit his land.
Our trip followed the usual pattern, strapping chairs to the luggage rack, a quick drive to our favourite baker to pick up a pies, sausage rolls and the wonderful chicken goujons they produce which are mouth watering to say the least when dipped into mayonnaise and finally the leisurely drive into the fells.
It is a beautiful, restful spot where the silence is only broken by the sound of birds, the babbling stream, not yet a river and the arrival of one Bryan Rawlinson, former Treasurer of 'Norcemog' who had spotted us as he was driving past and stopped to have a natter. He was driving his new 4/4 with only 45 miles on the clock, a special order that had a spare wheel and luggage rack fitted and various other goodies.
As an aside I must say that I felt that the new style 4/4 without a spare or a luggage rack was a retrograde step. In my opinion it rendered it pretty useless as a serious touring machine.
Bryan in his lovely new 4/4
Anyway, it was lovely to speak to Bryan who is delighted with his new acquisition.
Yours truly...I really will have to lose some weight!
On the outward leg I realised that the offside rear flasher was not working so on our return I set about checking the bulb and the bullet connections. Still no success, so having exhausted my knowledge of electricity, an ineptitude that is on a par with my feeble knowledge of plumbing, I took the car to my local friendly garage who fixed it in a jiffy. The problem was that a fibre washer had come adrift from a thingumajig and this he promptly fixed for nowt!!!!

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