Saturday, 19 April 2014

No flap!

This post is aimed at all those of us who drive Morgans with the 'Easy-Up' hood. Many of you I know will have already solved this very minor niggle, however, for those of you who haven't, I will continue.

I find it very annoying when I am driving along in my pristine machine, that very often the hood, so neatly stowed by yours truly, suddenly appears unkempt due to the fact that the wind has caused the bits of the hood at each side to come unstuck and start flapping.
The flap sticking out...
It is something that has niggled me ever since we bought the car and I did at one time consider appropriately positioned tenax fasteners, which would have solved the problem but would have rendered the driver severely injured after being impaled on the male fastener as it penetrated his skull!

At last a simple, harmless solution dawned on me, 15mm wide velcro cable ties, available on Amazon via Athena Crafts, Unit 3, Arc House, Gerrard Street, Stalybridge SK15 2JY for the princely sum of £1.89 postage free.
...and now tidied with the 'Velcro' tie.
Before fixing, the hood needs to be released, the tie wrapped tidily around the hood and outside spar and then the hood locked down as usual. Unfortunately they are only available in black and therefore do not match the 'Stone' coloured vinyl on my hood, but never mind they keep the hood tidy underway and are narrow enough to be quite unobtrusive.

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  1. Hello Chris,
    The very system I use only I eventually added (with sewing machine) a piece of Shoulder strap webbing to each of mine to stop the Velcro gripping the Plush. It just makes it easier to slip Under the Support Arm when fitting.
    Best Wishes