Sunday, 27 April 2014

Kindling on 'Drive it Day'

I did go for a drive early this morning to top-up our fuel for Saturday, when we drive to Ayrshire in Scotland. On my return from the garage I exchanged a cheery wave with a couple, top-down in their MG TD, obviously setting out for a nice run on 'Drive it Day'.

So, although I did drive the car on the day, it was not for long, as I had another task to perform in what was ideal weather for the job.
The rotten pieces of fencing
One of our boundaries runs alongside a former builders yard and the fence which was erected many years ago is rotten and dropping to bits. As two buildings were built by the builder alongside the fence, it was therefore rendered unnecessary and so I decided to take it down, not only because it would not affect our privacy but to provide us with a source of kindling for our fire during the winter.
...and a shot in the other direction
There was just one point, where the two buildings backed on to each other, when I would need to use my 'carpentry skills' to build another narrow fence, to block out prying eyes, which I did by using the good sections of timber from the old fence.
The small section of fencing.
The end result of all this effort is that we now have a wonderful stock of kindling for our fire, which should last for a few seasons, and it has tidied up the place immensely.

So, although my 'Drive it Day' was somewhat limited,  my wife and I will enjoy a full week of good driving over the whole of next week, so I won't feel deprived, and I hope to return with a good collection of photographs of our trip to put on my blog.

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