Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Into the Fells

What a glorious day! One of those days when everything slots into place and brings with it a great sense of wellbeing. You may well ask...is this really my hero writing this or is it someone acutely sensitive to life's rich tapestry of pleasures, a poet perhaps?

Just so that you can rest easy, it is me that is writing this and what is more, it truly was that sort of day, until I ventured on to my newly seeded patch of garden and found that the next door cat had paid it a visit during the wee (literally) small hours, having circumvented my elaborate defences and planted a moist unpleasantness amongst my little grass seeds!

This demanded severe measures to prevent a recurrence, so I spent an hour erecting further comprehensive defences while putting out of my mind vile thoughts about placing a saucer of milk laced with 'warfarin' out for the beast.
Parked in Great Eccleston for our Dental and Confectionery appointments, Beacon Fell is in the distance.
But enough of this. The day started with a visit from our new Chimney Sweep who proved to be a first class chap who conducted himself in a very professional manner, even providing us with a certificate at the end of his labours. Excellent, and he will return to attend to the new home that has once more been built by our resident jackdaws. They are raising their young under the cowl on one of our other chimneys and once the young have fledged, he will return in order to place some sort of restraining material so that they will find another place in which to raise a family!
Almost there.

New arrivals
Then it was off in the Morgan to our Dentist where we always arrange consecutive appointments. We both thankfully received a clean bill of health and after treatment, with that ghastly de-plaquing device, we made our way to the delightful Confectioners in the village to pick up a couple of pies etc., for our picnic.
Coffee stop. Parlick Fell on the left, along with a very useful table/seat provided by the Council.
We then aimed for Beacon Fell Country Park, in the Bleasdale Fells, about half an hour from our home and enjoyed a really first class drive in full sun, under a cloudless sky and very little wind.
My lovely navigator
The views from this 873 feet high hill are absolutely tremendous and you can literally see for miles, hence it's use as an ideal spot for a beacon in ancient times. My photographs will tell the story.
The less lovely driver

The return trip was equally satisfying, until I ventured into the garden after putting the Morgan to bed, but you know all about that!....bl..dy cats!!!!


  1. Hmmm, a dentist and a confectionery store sitting close together? That seems odd. Anyway, it seems you didn't eat too much sweets since your last dental check-up or at least have a good oral hygiene regimen, since the dentist found your teeth in great condition. That's a relief, and probably a go-signal to partake in some pies! Cheers!
    Thomas DeFinnis @ WynneWoodDentalArts.com

    1. Thomas,
      Thank you for your comment, however I should like to point out that, despite the shortcomings of the Morgan's suspension, we do have remarkably good dental health although it has to be said that huge pressures are placed on our mandibles from time to time due to the severely pot-holed roads in the UK!
      Pork pies do not appear to damage the teeth but certainly do nothing for the figure!