Monday, 14 April 2014

If stones were magnetic....

......I could have hired a huge electro-magnet and removed the lot of them easily from the soil, in preparation for sowing my old vegetable plot with grass seed!

Alas, they are not, so on my hands and knees, following careful raking of the soil, I collected what I could and reinstated them in the gravel path from where most of them had originated.

With my increased decrepitude, and with contemporaries falling like flies about me, I decided that intensive agriculture was not for me, so, with some sadness, the vegetable patch had to go and would be replaced with lawn.

Regrettably, the area concerned does not warrant the purchase of a 'sit-on' mower,( oh how I'd love one of those!) however, even in the absence of such luxury, mowing a lawn with the electric mower I already have will be easier than crawling about exterminating weeds and digging the area, regardless of what Monty Don says about the joys of growing your own! In any case, it's easy for him to say these things when I suspect he has an army of serfs to assist him on his huge plot.

The wonderful aspect of this reorganisation is that it will give me a lot more time to play with that little 'Le Mans Green' vehicle in my garage!

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