Saturday, 19 April 2014

Garden Cat Offensive!

Is it going to work? I doubt very much that it will, but at least I will have made an attempt to rid my garden of these fouling felines.
My constructed cats drying in the garage
On perusing my Saturday Telegraph I noticed an advert for 'three 'Cat Scarers', for around twenty quid I think. Well, on reflection I thought that the creatures had already cost me enough in time and effort to warrant any further expense on their behalf, so I decided to replicate those in the advert with my own version.
One of the finished cats looking quit aggressive I think.
So, having found a piece of plywood in my shed, I proceeded to copy a couple of the cats in the advertisement to the dimensions mentioned, cut out the shape with a jigsaw and painted them black with penetrating yellow eyes.
Can you spot the claw marks?
The result can be seen in the pictures and those with keen eyesight might notice that in one of the shots the cat appears to have three claw marks already on it. Could it be that it has been investigated at close quarters by the object of my extermination attempt?!!!!!

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