Monday, 21 April 2014

30" Inside Leg!

Pity me and all other men with an inside leg measurement of 30 inches, at least those of us who do not wear their trouser bottoms stacked up on their shoes.

We are a group excluded from the standard UK measuring system for trousers and it means that each time that we buy a pair of trousers, they have to be either 29", thus too short, or 31", which are too long.

It is because of this sad fact, that my trousers always cost me an extra £10, which is the amount my kindly Polish Tailoress charges for shortening them. In fact, she seems to charge £10 for any job regardless, I suppose on the basis that being a new arrival into this country, and not being totally au fait with the language and currency it makes life somewhat easier.

Anyway, what is to be done about us poor souls, it was after all simply an accident of birth and yet we seem to have been ostracized by society and condemned to pay £10 forever to get the things shortened, that is until my lovely Polish friend decides to increase her rate to another nice round figure, say £15!!!!!!

M&S need to know about our plight, as it is now possible that we of the 30inch leg are no longer in a minority and a revision of their merchandising policy might now be appropriate. Which I know might put my tailoress out of business but.........and then again, thinking about it, perhaps stack heels on our shoes is the answer.


  1. I've only recently discovered your blog following my "research" into Morgan cars.

    I'm planning my retirement in the next couple of years and one of my presents to myself will be a Morgan (at least, that's my opinion - still to get it past the Domestic Financial Controller...).

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your travel tales and the photography.

    Re' you're last post - I'm one of the 29" inside leg crowd. From your experience it at least saves me a few quid on trousers (I'll put the savings to the Morgan Fund from now on!). On the two or three occasions I've been fortunate enough to sit in the driving seat of a Morgan, though, I do feel that the pedals seem rather a long way off. I know that a "modern" driving position i.e. with almost straight arms, is frowned upon by Morgan purists. But I did feel very, very close to the steering wheel when I had moved the seat to a position where I could comfortably get full travel on the pedals.

    How do you find the general driving position for leg reach etc?

    Best regards and keep up the blogging!

    Eddie Butt

  2. Eddie,
    I'm delighted that you enjoy reading the blog. I must admit that I only contribute to it when I'm in the mood and have something tangible to write about, so there are long periods sometimes when nothing is written, such is the miserable life I lead!!!
    Pleased to hear that you are considering buying a Mog subject to approval by ''er indoors", just tell her that the heaters in Morgans are superb.
    As you will perhaps know, we have driven around 21000 miles in it, including trips to France and Spain and another is pending to Scotland, while the borders are open!
    The car certainly imposes disciplines such as minimising luggage and coming to terms with the suspension but they are so much fun, as long as there is an acceptance (by both parties!) that they are like no other vehicle.
    They are cozy but not uncomfortable on long journeys but do be prepared for some leaks etc., all Mog drivers carry small pieces of towelling under the seats to ram into any offending orifices when driving in rain!
    Driving position has not been a problem for me although I do sit closer to the wheel than I would in a conventional car....but this was the way things were in the twenties and thirties and you will be driving a car that hasn't change very much in all that time. Therein lies the delight, a vintage car without the reliability problems.
    As one of my early posts stated, it is a car that has changed our lives and I hope that if you do buy one it has the same effect on your wife and yourself.
    My wife and I have never got involved in the social side of the MSCC although we are members, we tend to enjoy the Morgan on our own, but if you wanted to get involved with the communal side of things you could join your local Centre.
    Please feel free to contact me on my personal email if you wish to keep in touch, i
    Kind regards,
    Chris Gleave