Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothering Sunday drive.....then back for the Liverpool game!

What a lovely day! The sun was shining, temperatures not bad for late March, and with newly born lambs frollicking in the fields, roads were lined with daffodils and the Morgan running sweetly after its service, yours truly felt absolutely 'top-ho'!
All set to go!
Our destination was the Lake District, specifically Sizergh Castle in the southern lakes area, just an hour away and a good opportunity to give the Mog a good run following the Winter.
A short stop by the Deer Park at Beetham
Sizergh is a National Trust property and apart from being a very interesting house to visit, with lovely gardens and good walks leading from it, the place is a great stop for thirsty Morgan drivers yearning for a hot chocolate and a warm scone or indeed something more substantial. Since I had consumed a Manx kipper for breakfast some two hours earlier I stuck to the scone and chocolate.
Sizergh Castle, home to the Strickland family.
It's a short drive to Windermere from there, so we took the back road from the Kendal by-pass to the Hawkshead Ferry. thence to Bowness, seething with day trippers and then back to Ings where there is a delightful tavern called The Watermill Inn with its own brewery
En route to Windermere
The landlady suggested 'Collie Wobble', one of their own ales, a suggestion that brought an immediate response from me along the lines of, 'I hope that it doesn't give me the collywobbles'!!!! Anyway, it didn't and was an excellent brew.

After the beer and a bag of crisps we left and headed for home....allowing plenty of time so that we wouldn't miss the Liverpool versus Tottenham game on TV

Sunday, 23 March 2014

It's a boy!

My wife and I are delighted to have another grandchild, this new addition brings the total to four. His name is Ted and he will be yet another candidate for a drive in the Morgan when he is bigger.

I suspect there will be quite a lot of demands on our time....well that's what Grandparents are for aren't they? However, I am sure that they will not be such as to preclude many drives/days away in the Mog this year.
Ullswater....not todays drive, but just to remind us all of glorious Morgan adventures!
The car is booked in Lifes at Southport on Tuesday for it's annual service so, just to make sure all was well with the machine, I took it out for a quick spin today, in glorious sunshine. Sadly, judging by the weather forecast it is not going to be particularly pleasant for our drive to Southport, but it will be nice to see everyone at Lifes again, always good fun.

I spent the morning weeding and digging over my vegetable plot which I intend to make over to lawn, frankly I am getting a bit fed up with weeding and this will be a good way of resolving that, albeit it will mean no lovely vegetables and more mowing.