Monday, 24 February 2014

Spring has sprung!!.....

Well, we hope so, as these photographs show.  They were taken this afternoon in the churchyard of our local church, St Chad's, Poulton-le-Fylde.
The church of St Chad...there's always scaffolding when I get the camera out!
They were shot following a lovely short drive in my newly polished and greased 4/4, just to check that I'd fitted the newly cleaned wires correctly! Nothing dropped off, so presumably all is well!
Always a gorgeous sight , every year.
This afternoon was really quite pleasant, sunny and warm, conjuring thoughts once again of picnics by babbling brooks and 'wandering lonely as a cloud' along country roads in the Lake District and theYorkshire Dales..
 My wife and I are getting rather excited at the moment, as we are looking forward to the imminent arrival of our fourth grandchild, so no doubt we shall be called upon from time to time for additional babysitting duties.

A sheer delight, but a pity I couldn't get a photo of the Morgan in the middle of them!!

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  1. MAGNIFIQUE ! What lovely shots and doesn't St. Chad's look wonderful. Much love, your French sister