Saturday, 28 December 2013

Maiden Voyage!

Well, she didn't sink, neither did the radio fail, so I didn't have to don the waders that I had taken just in case the worst happened.

The storm had finally blown itself out and the day dawned calm, dull and not too cold, with just the prospect of a bit of sun peeping through the clouds, so it was off to Fleetwood Model Yachting Lake for the maiden voyage.
It was inevitable that there would be an audience of relatives and so it was essential that Grandad didn't make a fool of himself and showed himself to be in total command of the technical aspects of the occasion.

All was well and with the light westerly wind beginning to chill us we decided to lift the boat out of the water and get home for a warming tot of the hard stuff!!

Delighted with the result after many hours of enjoyable building. 


  1. That looks fantastic Chris, You must be a very proud man. Now that you have made the Prototype, would you take on the full size version?

  2. What a great launch Chris. I am very impressed!