Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Musing about the future

Unlike my dear Morgan friend in Sweden, I am not forced by weather conditions to lay-up the car in Winter, which he is doing at the present time. Fortunately it is usually possible to enjoy a few drives during the dark months, when conditions allow.

However, I do like to keep the Morgan in first class shape and especially at this time of year and feel it  desirable that the body should have a good waxing, the hood a good clean and of course all the brightwork cleaned and polished.
Gleaming again!

It was while completing this task, in a garage well protected from the howling wind outside, that I pondered the decision by the Board of the Morgan Company to oust Charles Morgan.

In the light of this important development and in the absence of any announcement from the Board about the future direction of the Company, there is bound to be a high level of speculation.

On reading the news in the Daily Telegraph Business Section and the comments of his wife concerning 'greed' amongst other members of the family and the Board, it suggests to me that these people might have ill-founded grandiose ideas about the Company's future.

As I said to another Morgan chum, if they are keen to move away from the enviable niche position that Morgan enjoys in the marketplace and have hopes of lining their pockets by going into the mainstream, they would, in my opinion, be extremely misguided

It is the eccentricity of this hand-built marque, even at the most expensive model level, that is it's attraction and from where it's success stems.

The Board needs to be very sensitive to the key and unusual attractions of the product before allowing their imaginations to run away with them.

I do hope that they have the nous not to kill the goose that has laid the golden egg!


  1. Chris, we had actually 17,5 degrees on Monday, so it´s not so cold in this part of Sweden as you think.
    Agree about the developmen in MCC.

  2. Hello Chris,
    Just catching up with our Blog. Having been in Manufacturing Management myself I also find the debacle at the factory intriguing. Having read about the family history to Charles in the various books and Sir JHJ videos, this whole affair seems to have sprung out like the Jack in the Box. I like you, just hope the 'advisors, who count beans, understand their customer market and don't lose the passion to 'remain the same' in a positive way.