Wednesday, 17 July 2013


On our recent trip to Ireland it soon became apparent that diesel fuel was cheaper than petrol.

Of extreme interest, not because I put diesel in the Morgan, but because my other car is an old Volvo V70 diesel. It was purchased second hand some 10 years ago, partially in response to the Government's desire that people should drive diesel fuelled vehicles because of their economy.

In June, the prices per litre were:-  
                                               Unleaded                      Diesel
UK  (Euros)                               1.58                            1.63

Ireland                                        1.57                            1.48

How on earth can our Government or the oil companies justify this?

I know it's a question that has been raised before, when, I seem to recall, we had a totally unacceptable explanation, but perhaps it's an issue that should be addressed again.

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