Friday, 19 July 2013

Everything in the garden is lovely.....

......and the Morgan's not so bad either!

The heatwave continues and thankfully being by the sea, there is always a gentle breeze to keep temperatures sensible. Last weekend when we were at our daughter's home in Surrey the heat was quite insufferable.

However, what the heat has done, is create a profusion of growth in both our formal garden and our vegetable patch.

We've already enjoyed our first peas and early potatoes, the first pickings of gooseberries and rhubarb have been made into pies by my wonderful wife, and those are in the freezer.We are looking forward to our heaviest crop of blackcurrants in the next couple of days.....and the broad beans are looking good as well. Runner beans and blackberries will follow in due course as will the 'Cox's Orange Pippin apples on our little tree.

The old 'Victoria Plum' tree produced a considerable number of baby plums and I have thinned these out dramatically to ensure that we get a crop of good sized fruit.

Amidst all these horticultural activities, neither the old Volvo or the Morgan have escaped attention and yesterday we escaped in the Mog for a lovely day trip to see one of my old chums in the Lake District. His wife is currently in Kentucky and we thought it would be good to visit him to make sure that he wasn't starving to death or not looking after himself properly!

The 'Hot Pot' stop
Well that was our excuse for going, although the plan did offer the opportunity for us to clamber, sorry, fall into the Mog and drive off into the blistering sun, before it sets on this sceptred isle and we once again have to endure the dismal, cold, wet weather the UK so often has to endure.

The drive north was lovely and included a brief stop to pick up a 'hot pot' en route,at my pal's favourite confectioner, a fuel stop where we spoke to the owner of another Morgan, Bryan Rawlinson, Treasurer of 'Norcemog', and a stop in Grange over Sands at my favourite butcher for Black Pudding and various other delicacies.

'Black Pudding' stop at Grange over Sands
I say the trip was lovely, which it was, but we were delayed by Cumbria Council deciding to resurface the road from Newby Bridge to Lakeside, Windermere, during a holiday period and also when the road temperature was extremely high. You can almost guess the situation.....that was the date they set to complete the job and that was that, no possibility of changing the arrangement, regardless of the heatwave (already a few days old) or the fact that it is lunacy to do a job like that on a very busy narrow road in the holiday season!!!!!!

At our friends' house in Finsthwaite
It did however raise a potential problem for us in our lovely Morgan. The tar was virtually running on the newly laid surface, with stone chippings flying everywhere, threatening to make an awful mess of 'Nellie'.
Fortunately, knowing an alternative route, we were only on the wretched stuff for a hundred yards, but it was not until we were well down the motorway on our return journey that the last chippings flew off our tyres!

What a great day. Everything about the car is lovely.....and the garden's not so bad either! 

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