Thursday, 13 June 2013

The excitement is rising!

Not long now until we set off on our Irish trip and I have already started making the final checks on the Morgan and organising the interior to get rid of any extraneous material in the glovebox and behind the seats so that we can maximise space.

The tracking was checked after having a new tyre fitted and was found to be 8mm adrift, which is quite a lot and was certainly the reason why one of the front tyres had uneven wear. The boss of our local tyre fitters, who I had insisted did the work himself, said that I had done very well to get 20000 out of the tyres, which are 'Continentals'. In fact, I intend to do even better than that as the rear tyres are the originals and still have a lot of wear on them.

Incidentally, I purchased the new tyre from Black Circles who just happened to have the correct size in stock, their last I think. Excellent service and highly recommended.

These particular tyres are no longer manufactured by 'Continental' although I believe there are good stocks at MMC, although I am sure the price will be somewhat higher than I paid. However, 'Black Circles' do quote another tyre of the same size, a TOYO,  from a manufacturer that I hadn't heard of, but their website reveals that they are a long established manufacturer who I am sure produce an excellent product.

We actually set off on our trip next Thursday and in between we are visiting our eldest in the south of England so it will be action stations when we get back home on Monday, with the usual heated deliberations about the amount of clothes we can fit into our suitcase!

More later......

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