Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Does it scare you?....

.....well maybe not, but I hope it will scare the cats that use my vegetable garden as a lavatory and also the birds, who I hope will be deterred from eating, what just might be, an excellent blackcurrant harvest.

The construction of this menacing device has taken a couple of hours and has demanded the selfless sacrifice of a plastic washing up bowl (the pelvis and lower regions), a plastic container (the chest) and two round plastic pool plant containers (the head).

Apologies must be made to the local newspaper, the Blackpool Evening Gazette, whose high visibility coat has been used and also to our new neighbours who look out on to this garden. We haven't met them yet and  hope that they will understand what its main function is and not read into its appearance, some sort of criticism/comment obliquely levelled at them!!

Incidentally, the high vis coat was once regularly worn by yours truly, during inclement weather, to complete newsrounds when a Newsdeliverer failed to turn in, at our former Newsagents business.


  1. Terrifying!!!

    Check out....I used one of your pics, hope you don't mind :

  2. Brian,
    Thanks for your truly is terryfying! I just hope it does the job.
    Don't mind how many of my photos you use. Must admit I couldn't find it but listened to the Dylan tracks on 'Tune Doctor', from the 'Freewheelin' album that resides in our loft! Wonderful stuff and many happy memories of a formative period in my life.