Monday, 20 May 2013

...and a fracking we will go!

Not really, but my latest little drive brought me very close to the site of one of the first UK fracking sites scheduled to begin extracting shale gas. The first exploratory drilling operations caused two minor earthquakes in the Fylde and one does wonder about the future effects it will have on the local area.

Raring to go!
Anyway, enough of that. It is a long time since I put pen to blog, due to the fact that the weather has not inspired me to sally forth in the Morgan, the garden has taken up a lot of my time and my wife and I have also spent a delightful week in a villa at Nissaki on the island of Corfu. Sadly, for only a week, six would have been better!The weather was for the most part idyllic and as it was early in their season there were very few fellow tourists. It has certainly whet our appetite for more similar Grecian holidays.

Very close to the 'Fracking' rig.
The moment came yesterday when temperatures soared to a whopping 12 degrees and I had the urge to get out for a drive in the Morgan which, a few days previously, I had cleaned and polished, although it was patently unnecessary....we owners all seem to suffer from this compulsive polishing disease don't we?
Now, as my readers know, it is necessary for me to drive my Volvo out of the back of our first garage into a 'siding' to enable me to reverse the Morgan out of its garage. During this operation, for some obscure reason, probably in my impatience to get out in the Mog, I applied a more lock than normal and heard a ghastly noise as the rear wing scraped against the metal door upright.

It was a mortifying experience, especially as I like to keep the ageingVolvo in as pristine condition as the Mog. So it was out with the 'TCut' and the touch up paint to try and repair the damage. Not a bad job, but I think that I will probably complete the exercise again in an effort to achieve someting approaching perfection!

After all that 'excitement' it was out in the Morgan with side screens off and into the countryside. Great fun as usual but I do look forward to a long, 'proper' drive with a firm objective in prospect and the looming holiday to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland will, in four weeks time, satisfy that desire. So not much longer to wait, but before then I am going to have to grease the front suspension and prepare the car for the trip.

Plenty to look forward to!


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