Thursday, 7 March 2013


I found it interesting to note that the forensic evidence, from a house where six children died recently after the property was set alight, reputedly by their parents, found traces of both Shell and Tesco petrol!

This would tend to support my long held belief, shared by many other drivers and incidentally I believe, by 'Honest John', the motoring column in the Daily Telegraph, that there is a distinct difference in the quality of the fuel sold by the petrol companies on their forecourts and that sold by supermarkets.

Apparently, I assume to keep costs down, supermarket fuel does not contain many of the additives found in the fuels produced by the major petrol companies, that are there to protect and enhance engines and their performance.

As a result of this I have never put supermarket fuels in any of my vehicles and have noticed that on most occasions I am paying very much the same price as those advertised on supermarket forecourts.

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