Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Nought so terrible.....

......as a woman's wrath!

I'm not talking here of revelations about a secret lover, no such luck! But the fact that I had arranged for the delivery of two bags of coal which, in the opinion of  'er indoors', was not necessary. The delivery could have been delayed for another week, such is the fragile state of our finances!

So in an effort to placate the Financial Director, I suggested that I roll the Morgan out of the garage and whisk her off to visit her sister in TransWyrania, a little known area of the Fylde coast of Lancashire.

Thankfully, she readily agreed to this suggestion and has promised never to chastise me again.

The lady and her grandson admiring the car
What a couple of days we have had and today was even better than yesterday. The sun beamed down, the sky was azure blue and there was absolutely no wind, which can have a dramatic effect on comfort in an open topped Morgan, when the temperature is hovering around 1 celsius.

En route we stopped at an old pals house in Hambleton for a cup of coffee, before proceeding to the next village to buy some items for sister-in-law, who is currently awaiting a hip replacement. As I waited outside the shop I was approached by a lady, with a young chap in tow, who I took to be her grandson. She was full of admiration and was well informed about the marque, so lovely to meet people who truly appreciate things of beauty. I refer to the car of course! Her grandson was similarly interested but more keen to know how much it had cost!

Fleetwood and the Wyre estuary from Knott End-on-Sea
In my first employment, District Bank, I used to catch the ferry each day from Fleetwood to Knott End and trudge up the slipway in all weathers to man their branches at Knott End and Stalmine. When men were men and banks were banks!!

On to the in-laws and then a quick drive into that renowned resort of Knott End-on-Sea to visit the very excellent butchers (no supermarket meat for us ever again) and to take a couple of photographs for the blog.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

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