Thursday, 14 February 2013

Joy unconfined!!

St Valentine's Day
One of my female followers, a lovely lady from Cheshire, who has been a friend for many years, had the audacity to mention to my wife while speaking to her on the phone last night that she thought that my blog was consumed with misery.

It came as a bit of a blow I must say, being a person who only sees the best in everyone, even bankers and politicians! However, on appraising my recent efforts, I suspect she is absolutely correct and thenceforth I intend on every occasion to be the very paragon of jollity! It'll come as a heck of a shock to my wife!

The other day I arose with a bounce in my step and joy in my heart at the prospect of preparing the vegetable garden, which, after a hearty breakfast, I attacked with vigour, trying hard to maintain an expression of extreme pleasure on my face and ignoring the constant vile thoughts that crept into my head about the present state of the country.

Oh, how I love all the pleasures of gardening, the aching muscles, the bad back, the slugs, the knowledge that the shallots that I had just bought and planted might die a dreadful death by frost or be afflicted by some other awful pestilence. But I must get a grip, you may have noticed a note of cynicism, yet another slide into another torrent of gloom........far be it from the truth!

Yesterday, the Morgan received another polish and is now looking absolutely top-notch and ready to make the most of the, oh so close, onset of Spring. In fact if the weather continues in the present vein, we may yet, as soon as tomorrow, find ourselves enjoying the delights of the Ribble Valley from the confines of the Morgan.

It is that time of year again, approaching the anniversary of our little acquisition of five summers ago and this brings the not unpleasant task of getting the car serviced, MOT'd, taxed and insured. You'll note I hope, the gay abandon with which I totally ignored the cost of these activities, with the calm attitude of a chap at peace with himself, because, don't forget, I have now turned a corner and consider myself to be Mr Happy, with not a bad word for anyone!!!!

Incidentally and seriously, the quote that I have received from my illustrious insurers Gott and Wynne  is excellent and the car is booked in with Lifes Motors  for service and MOT in just over a week.

The Charging Unit

I heard from my Morgan pal in Wales the other day who said that he had had to replace the battery on his 4/4, which is a year younger than ours. Fortunately, touch wood, we have not had any such problem as our car is on continual charge as it sits in the garage. The wiring for this arrangement was completed by Lifes when we purchased the car and I have included photos of the set-up in case anyone is interested.

Wire and Connector emerges from under parcel shelf.

Well, there we are, apart from one slight lapse, a post written with a joyous vein of happiness running through it. I wonder how long it might continue?

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  1. Blimey, who are you and what have you done with my Father?