Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Winters Tale.

What a glorious winters day, 2 degrees and sunny, far removed from yesterday, a date that lived up to its reputation, according to a survey, as being the most depressing in the calendar!

Is it just me that wonders who on earth conducts all these sometimes trivial surveys, there seems to be one concocted every day, on the basis that they are enriching the population with profound new knowledge, often contradictory, about just about every aspect of life? Perhaps more importantly, who the heck is paying the individuals tasked with the job of producing them ? In some instances, maybe you and me methinks!

Looking north to the snow clad Lakeland hills (Wartime Mine in background)
Anyway, I won't get on to politics and the current state of the country, because apart from probably getting locked up, I will pursue my normal practice of relating my feelings ad nauseum to my long suffering wife, usually across the breakfast table, while listening to Radio 4 and reading the Saturday edition of the 'Telegraph'.

Fleetwoods smaller lighthouse on the right, the large one is more inland.
No, I will merely state that 'her indoors' and I have made the most of today, firstly with a brisk, long walk on the promenade at Cleveleys this morning,  followed by a rather splendid drive in the Morgan this afternoon, to Fleetwood and the Wyre Estuary Park.

Wyre Estuary Park looking north towards Lakeland
I rest a lot easier in the winter when I know that the car has been given a worthwhile run, there is nothing worse for a car than keeping it locked away in a garage.

Erratum:  I now understand that 'Blue Monday' is in fact the 21st January and not on the date suggested above!! At least according to the Daily Telegraph!

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  1. Lucky you.
    Here we got 3 inches of snow last night and expecting tempertures down to minus 15 tonight.