Monday, 14 January 2013


The 'Grim Reaper' has once more struck the aquatic world in Warwick, with the untimely death of 'Cranberry', a relatively new occupant in the aquarium at my daughter's home.

What is more, her chum 'Barnacle', purchased at the same time as 'Cranberry', is showing symptoms likely to result in a similar fate.

You can guess the name of the sole remaining healthy fish?.......'WILSON'!

Evidence that would lay the blame for these heinous crimes at his feet is sadly only circumstantial, but if he is truly the perpetrator, what method is he using to murder his 'bowlmates'. 

Is he excreting some form of poison from his deformed body, has he some form of hallucinatory power that encourages the victims to become suicidal or is he chasing them to death? Without placing the bowl under 24 hour surveillance or conducting scientific tests, perhaps we'll never know.

So 'Wilson' lives on, although I do have a feeling that he will shortly end up in confinement on the window ledge of my daughter's kitchen!

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