Saturday, 5 January 2013

Remember 'Wilson'? (Post 19/5/12)

.......well he's still alive and not only that, crippled though he might be, he has seen off another batch of fishy friends at my daughter's home.

My son-in-law believes that he is inherently evil and should be done away with, having murdered countless bowl-mates far prettier than him.

Bearing in mind that he does resemble the aquatic version of 'Quasimodo', perhaps that is the root cause of his malaise, a sort of violent form of sour grapes, meted out on others far more beautiful. Thinking about it, we don't even know whether or not he's a male, he might be a deranged female! Regardless of the sex, the killing has continued, over a period that must be now approaching four years.


It is difficult to believe that the new residents, introduced over this lengthy period from different suppliers, were all infected by a fatal disease. If so, why didn't our friend catch it? No, I'm afraid the finger of blame points fairly and squarely on Wilson, the fish from hell!

Hats off though to my son-in-law, who, despite this murderous history, has overcome his natural urge to take the little bugger outside and drop a brick on him, and has purchased another two beautiful goldfish to enhance the fishbowl or perhaps coliseum might be a more appropriate name, given the slaughter that frequently ensues.

At present all is well, at least it was last week when we were at their home, but I must say that even as we sat there watching telly, it was obvious that the little sod was getting somewhat territorial, (difficult to do in a goldfish bowl) and clear that the two new residents had a look of trepidation in their eyes as Wilson chased them remorselessly.

I shall of course keep you posted!

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  1. ShellHunter came home one day with 2 or 3 little Blue Tetras. Of course they would not survive in tap water. What happened we ended up with a full aquarium of course.