Saturday, 5 January 2013

Beat last year!..... a day, as it was the 6th January 2012 when I had my first drive of the new year.

So, Happy New Year to all my readers and I hope that, if you are owners of one of these delightful little beasts that you enjoy every minute of it during the coming twelve months. If you are not in the happy position of owning  a Morgan yet, just look forward to the prospect, or, if funds permit, get down to the nearest dealer and buy one!

The Cartford Inn
Roads dry, sun trying hard to emerge from banks of cloud, the sound of a Morgan engine warming-up, the quickening heart rate of its owner as the throttle was opened and then the pounding excitement as 'Nellie' blasted into 2013! Oh, what joy!

All good stuff, but there's no question about it, I shall have to lose a few pounds after the excesses of the festive season, as my entry into the car was somewhat less than gracious....and the exit was, well!!!!

It was a fairly short, fast, exhilarating drive, long enough to get the engine thoroughly warm and ensuring that everything was working as it should.

Jouneys end on this occasion was the Cartford Inn, Great Eccleston,  http:/// a splendid hostellry by the River Wyre and the toll bridge of the same name, chosen, not because I sought refreshment, but because I thought that it might be a photogenic backdrop for the car.

Rain is once more forecast for the next couple of days but with rising pressure, temperatures are due to fall in the middle of next week possibly heralding dry, frosty conditions, ideal for a longer winters drive.

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