Monday, 3 December 2012

Dear Kenneth

Today I have received yet another letter from my Swedish friend and fellow Blogger, Kenneth, whose website you will find amongst my 'Followers', (he's the chap sitting in the red Triumph).
Ken's Roadster, nice and warm!

I receive regular letters from him, as he sits in his garage (more like an aircraft hangar compared to mine!) with his 'drajja', the Swedish equivalent of a G&T and next to his beautiful Roadster. In this morning's letter he attached photos of his car cocooned for the duration of the Swedish winter and the snowy scene that faced him in his garden.

He mentions that, in the middle of this week, temperatures are expected to fall to minus 15 degrees with more snow! 
Snow in a Swedish garden

We have not had snow in Lancashire yet although a severe winter has been forecast for the UK by those purveyors of doom at the Meteorological Office. There are other factors, particularly one, that have led to the Morgan staying in its garage.

My letter to Kenneth follows:-

Dear Kenneth,

Lovely to hear from you as ever and thanks for the photos, I might use them in a post for my blog, unless there is a copyright in place!

No snow here yet, but the weather is very mixed and not really suitable for the Mog. I greased the suspension the other day and gave the car a good clean and there it has stood ever since.

Various things have contrived to take up much of my time, not least the fact that the local pub has decided to introduce Pay and Display on their car park. Sadly they hold all the cards, because they do own the car park and the local Council has rented rented 30 spaces for shoppers from them for many years,  the 20 businesses in the village only having 3 OFFICIAL PARKING PLACES on the road!

Having been faced with a large increase in the rent charged, the Council have now pulled out of the negotiations so the businesses are on their own, including a Doctors Surgery and Chemist.

I was born in the village 69 years ago, am well known (a medium size fish in a very little pond!) and still have business interests in the village, as well as a great love of the place. So, as I have got the time, I have been contacting Chief Executives, Councillors, MP, Local Press and completed a local Radio interview, in an effort to increase general opposition.

This is being achieved and a Public Meeting has been organised for Saturday, when hopefully there will be a big turnout of residents.

Pay and Display will kill the village as well as the Pub, but the idiots in grey suits can't seem to appreciate this.

The village will become a 'drive through'. Nobody is going to park and pay in order to go across the road to buy a packet of 'fags' or an item from the Chemist, they will just continue to the next town or a Superstore!

So the fight continues and the Morgan sits disconsolately in the garage.

Will write soon,

Kindest regards,


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  1. Great Blog Chris. I always enjoy the read. Ken's Navy Blue Mog Cover does look smart compared with my 'Tailored Flannelette Sheets'. I must make an investment in one and an extra set of Axle Props. However, with Sunny days in South Bucks like yesterday, I was out in the Green Goddess for a lunch meet with 4 other members of our Centenary Roadster 100 Register which was very nice.

    Your work to regain some common sense in you village is admirable. Hopefully you will get the well deserved support that you need.

    Now to a Technical Matter, I am interested to know how you manage to post you blog in 'Justified' form and with nice boarders around the photos.
    Best Wishes