Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Delivery!

Winter, apart from being generally ghastly, means that runs in the Morgan are probably infrequent and the car sits in the garage under wraps adding to my melancholy mood.

The greasing has been done and you can't keep polishing the thing, so the only thing you can do is pray that a wonderful winters day will come along and give some respite. Also there's that increasing sense of anxiety that if you don't get it on the road soon it will develop square tyres!

Delivering Christmas cards in style

One of those special days dawned today. Alright, the temperature was barely 3 degrees, but the sun was out in a sky uncluttered by clouds and there was no wind, normally a feature on the Lancashire coast.

What is more, we had an excuse, not that one was needed, because, due to an exorbitant rise in the cost of postage, we had decided to deliver our local cards by hand. So why not use the Morgan and keep us and the car happy?

It is amazing the effectiveness of the Morgan's heater,  we were as warm as toast and it brought to mind a coversation I had with  Helen Thorne, as she took me on a test drive before we bought one. She advised that I should use the efficiency of the heater as a major selling point, if it proved necessary to convince my wife on the desirability of the car. It was not necessary!!

The car has had a good run so my mind is settled in that respect, although now I have to endure all the mental contortions involved in pouring over maps, planning our next adventure in 2013, following my dear wife's suggestion that a month long trip, pootling around Spain and France might be appealing!!!!!

PS This is a nice little 2 minute video about the Plus 8.   

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