Monday, 12 November 2012

Moving forward!!

How do these phrases originate? Who is the twit that thought of this one?

I am sure all my UK visitors will have heard this, 'moving forward we envisage a massive increase in sales', why not simply, 'we envisage a massive increase in sales!'

As you all consider and assimilate this, bear in mind that there is also an alternative now in common use and that is, 'going forward', not to be confused with the above mentioned form, but equally as pointless!

Both are used extensively now, in various contexts, and they are, for the most part, totally unnecessary.

The media have to be held solely responsible I suppose, as it needs just one berk to use it on the telly and the whole illiterarti are using the phrase to supposedly enrich their conversation and reporting.

When will it be included in the Oxford English Dictionary and indeed what will the definition of the phrase be when that great day arrives,....'Opposite of moving or going backwards' I suppose!?

These are the sort of issues that trouble Morganistas as they sit miserably indoors, racing raindrops down the windows, as the heavens open once again on this great country of ours!


  1. Well Done Chuckers. A Man after my own heart (is that another one?) Thankfully my memory for trivia ceased to function years ago such that I do nit remember the plethora of similar phrases that come and go from use in the media. One recent one spotted is 'Share the Love' 'phuuugh' I had the misfortune to work for an American company for only two years. There the annoyance was everyone using three and the occasional four letter acronyms. Most sentences uttered contained a minimum of one, but often two or three strung together. There were so many different ones that I never unearthed the mystery meaning unless the topic affected me. Needless to say, (another one) I have forgotten them all. Frank

  2. I'm pleased that at least someone shares my abhorrence for these media driven phrases........'Bless!!!'