Thursday, 22 November 2012

Forgot to mention......

.......that on the way back from the factory, where my new windscreen had been fitted, we were travelling for the second half of the journey in pouring rain with the hood up.

It was on one occasion when I turned on the washers to clear the screen, that I noticed that the left hand nozzle wasn't working. To our joint horror we realised that each time I had done this, water poured from the washer bottle on to the transmission tunnel and carpet!

Needless to say, we endured a dirty windscreen until we reached home.

The factory were phoned, firstly to thank them for the excellent service we had received, but also to mention the fact that the washer pipe had come adrift. Mark, the Service and Repair Manager was most apologetic and said that a new factory upgrade existed which he would forward to Life's, my dealer in Southport, and they would fit the item FREE of charge.

Yesterday we visited Life's, great fun as usual, and had the new pipe and clips fitted which should ensure that the problem will never arise again.

Super service from the Morgan.

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