Thursday, 25 October 2012

Windscreen number two!!

It was a couple of years ago that my original windscreen was smashed by a flying projectile of some sort, whether it was a stone or a bolt thrown by an envious pedestrian I don't know, but a replacement was ordered and fitted with the blessing of my insurance company. Total cost for my little heated windscreen, around £800!!

So it was with horror that some weeks ago, removing my sun-visors for attention, that one of the four lugs broke away from the inside of the top of the windscreen frame, leaving a very unsightly hole. Clearly, not a situation that I could live with and also not satisfactory from the Company's point of view, who would not appreciate owners flaunting their vehicles about with bits missing!

The hole on the inside of the frame
Anyway, I considered the situation and decided that I could not claim for this from my insurance company and so approached the company by letter.

They were appalled that this should have happened, asserting that "those lugs just should not break off and we'll be delighted to replace the screen for you".

This has been arranged for the 6th November which means that we will be driving down on the 5th and staying overnight, just down the road from the factory at the Link Lodge, .

The offending lug.
In the evening I have booked a table at The Nags Head, and then, the following morning, out of bed, straight down to the factory for 8am and then saunter back for breakfast. That's the idea anyway.

Obviously while we are there a visit to the factory must take place, just how enthusiastic 'er indoors is about this is open to conjecture! But I'm sure that she won't mind trecking around for the third time!

In the meantime I've just been out to the garage to check tyre pressures prior to a planned trip tomorrow to Sizergh Castle, near Kendal in Cumbria. The weather forecast says that it is going to be a frosty winter's day, with wall to wall sunshine, so we are going to have to wrap up well!

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