Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sunny Singleton

The weather was good and a drive in the Morgan was overdue due to the overwhelming domestic responsibilities placed upon me by 'her indoors', so while she wasn't looking I nipped out for a spin.

It was good to get out again and the short chosen route took me first to a neighbouring village that was noted in the Domesday Book of 1086 as 'Singltun', since 1286 it has been known as Singleton, and a very pleasant little place it is.

The lych-gate at St Anne's Church
A lych-gate is a roofed entrance to a churchyard where a coffin awaits the clergyman's arrival

It is said, by whom goodness only knows, to have been the residence of Mag Shelton, a famous witch.
"The cows of her neighbours were constantly milked by her, the pitcher in which she conveyed the milk, when stolen, walking before her in the shape of a goose". A suspicious neighbour, once struck the 'goose' and the pitcher was broken, the milk flowing out.

A notable feature as you drive through the village is the old fire-engine station which had a volunteer brigade to man it when it was operational. It is now an electricity substation, but an extremely pretty one.

The fire-engine station, now an electricity substation

After visiting Singleton I had a very exhilarating drive towards Wrea Green which was brought to an untimely end by the appearance of a flood on the road ahead of me. Yes, I could have driven through it, but you know how it is, why get the car dirty when there is no real need to do so? So, turning around I made my way home at a lively speed along the relatively quiet country roads.

It did me good and the car will have benefitted as well.

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