Sunday, 21 October 2012

Job done!

My wife and I have always kept a fire extinguisher in every car that we have owned and the Morgan is no exception.

However, ever since we bought the Morgan, the extinguisher has been loose on the back shelf and it occurred to me that this could present a major hazard should something 'orrible happen. The prospect of the pilot or indeed the navigator getting bashed on the back of the head with a fire extinguisher at the same time as impacting with a windscreen did not appeal, so something had to be done.

Straps shortened and slots cut
I devised a cunning plan that would utilise Velcro straps that I had purchased from Halfords, although a big range is available on the following website,

Having cleared the back shelf of the first aid kit, warning triangle, high visibility vests, travel rug, side screen cover and, wait for it, toilet roll, I assessed where a good position for the said device might be and marked the plywood rear shelf before removing it.

Tape threaded through base

This was then carried to my work bench where two slits, 25mm wide to accommodate the width of the tape, were cut with a jigsaw. Always rather daunting when you're potentially harming one you love!

Back into the garage I went and temporarily refitted the shelf and then, carefully folding the carpet back and using a 'Stanley' knife, cut two slits in the carpet from behind, to line up with the slots in the plywood base.

It was clear that to make a neat job the Velcro straps would have to be shortened, so after much physical contortion, leaning into the restricted confines of the luggage area, I worked out where to make the cut in the tape. I was amazed to discover whilst doing this, that the old wracked body was not as lithe and bonny as it used to be, indeed I was completely knackered!!

Preparing to receive extinguisher

Having partially recovered, I cut the tape to size and glued the ends to the tape with 'Araldite Rapid' glue and put a staple in each for good measure.

With a pounding heart and fairly quivering with excitement I prepared to take the final steps that would lead to the successful resolution of the problem of my loose fire extinguisher!

Finished job! Enabling a very quick release should it be necessary

Unfortunately this demanded yet more bending and stretching in order to tease the straps through both plywood and carpet, but it was finally achieved and after fitting my extinguisher in place I stood back and, never one to deny himself a bit of self-congratulation, thought that it was not a bad job at all and a modification that could lead to national recognition nay international recognition!!!

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