Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sometimes I despair!

Due to the cancellation of our original sailing to Brittany, we had to reshedule our crossing and this we arranged for two days earlier than the original booking.

However, a sad result of this was that the RNLI College at Poole was unable to accommodate us on the rearranged date and as a consequence we booked into the nearby Premier Inn, Holes Bay.

Let me say at the outset that we weren't expecting luxury, although at £93 per night, room only ,it compared appallingly with the wonderful accommodation we were to experience in France, for a lot less, including breakfast.

We were greeted efficiently by the receptionist and shown to our room which turned out to be rather 'tired' and alongside a road, a position that did prove to be noisy during the night.

Deciding to dine in the restaurant for the sake of convenience, it was there that we experienced the sort of service that has prompted me to put pen to paper.

"Y'alright there guys, where would you like to sit guys?", some time later, "Y'alright there guys, are you ready to order?", later during the meal (which was OK), "Everything OK there guys?" and on the next table, "Whose having the garlic bread there guys?".......on and on it went, not just one member of staff but the lot! It was tiring and tedious to say the least.

What training do these young people get and how have the words 'guys', referring to both sexes, and 'there', used in this context, become so embedded into our society?

The problem it seems to me, is that our education system has failed a couple of generations, producing over many years, many individuals who, not only can't do maths, spell or speak properly but are totally lacking in interpersonal skills. Supervisors and Managers are products of this system and as far as I can see, unless huge corrective measures are taken, these lousy standards will be self-perpetuating.

There was a further example of this as I sat on the deck of our ferry, some 7 hours sailing from Saint Malo, looking at the Dorset coastline as we approached Hampshire and Portsmouth.

A very attentive Englishman and his young son approached, the little boy asking his dad, " Daddy, is that England?", which prompted the astounding reply, "I'm not sure" !!!!!!!! 

Yes, I was shocked, although I have felt for years that the majority of the population haven't a clue where they live in relation to anywhere else, but honestly where on earth did the chap think it was, after sailing some 5 hours from Saint Malo to Portsmouth.....Holland, Germany, Denmark !!!!!

Oh, shut up you old fool! 

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